diary 28 (october 14)

I went to eleven states this month. Stayed in a cabin at the base of mount rainier in Washington, had cold fingers and kept my camera in a plastic bag because of the rain. Spent a week in Portland falling asleep in the yard in the afternoon and feeling nice the days melted. I got used to really caring about another person. Drove through the desert most daylight hours for days- woke up in a tent each morning not sure what it would look like outside- a river, a canyon, a valley, a dusty expanse, a beach, a meadow, a forest. Spent time in Utah looking at religious stuff and saw snow for the first time this year and where the horizon looked like it did when i was a kid. Colorado and Arizona were quiet we hiked in the rocks and ruins under the sun, Nevada i got very drunk in Vegas and played in the expensive surroundings. California every day was different and went by very quickly. Swam in the ocean and slept on friends' floors and hung out with someone new everyday. Drove to the airport before sunrise crying while it was pouring rain and then again the next morning.

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