diary 48 (august 16)

still on a road trip, the flowers at high elevation around snowy mt rainier were blooming, we ate breakfast the next morning at a bar restaurant looking out onto the foggy mountains that looked like someone’s basement. our brake light and blinker was out so we skipped the cities and took a little more time with things which was nice. made it to the olympic peninsula and drove along lakes and rivers the whole way. drove to the ocean one day and parked on it, climbed into the back canopy/our bed in the car and watched tv. got scared to stay where we were parked in a ditch by a river late at night and ended up waking up in the rain alongside the beach at la push. made it to brendon’s farm and had friends fly in to visit, went for long drives and swam in the river in the sun. got back to the city and to our home, and it felt good to be back. 

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