selected images never used for the front, media by women
models: tiffany clark, dion mac, gia seo
creative team: christine tran, alli coates, charlie curran

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central park revisited

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reworked selects from an editorial shot in central park, 2012

styling by jaclyn bethany
models are simona at trump, sasha at trump, eliska at major, svetlana at major, maris at re:quest


Girls becoming graffiti, shot in Brooklyn for Syn magazine

Hair and Makeup by Caroline Baribeau 
Styling by Mimi Kim
Models are Kseniya, Maryse, and Jessica at Re:Direct

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The Terpsichoria

For Abigail Stewart's FW2014 collection. I'm not very good at putting my photographs' infrastructure into words so here is Abigail's musing about the base of the shoot

"The real name of FW2014 is "The Terpsichoria," a reference to a ship, but everyone on the team just calls it "The Scar." The Scar is the title of Miéville's 2003 masterpiece of fiction, a book that blew my face off the first time through. It is a bizarre, metaphysical mystery set on a floating pirate city, on an Earth-like planet, where whole civilizations exist underwater and diplomacy is carried out via submarine between human beings and formidable rock lobster centaurs who tattoo their tails with military decorations and tribal histories. The creatures in this book are terrifying, the plot even more so; and China, like Kafka, is obsessed with architecture, so the descriptive sketches of the marine worlds were enough to inspire years of work in themselves. I just needed one scene, for one collection. Each piece, I thought, could be part of the setting: fish bones, mussel shells, numbing metallic saltwater."

model is ella pearson
hair and makeup by caroline baribeau
tattoo art by katy farmer
assistants were jess olm and jordan holberg

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friend-photographs (ft beer, cigs, sportswear, hairbrushing, and many slighty-different-tinted-background-values)

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pre fete

For ION Magazine

Styling: Jaclyn Bethany
Hair and makeup: Caroline Baribeau
Models: Eddie and Bay at Muse
Styling assistant: Ariona Adams
Assistant: Jessica Olm

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Sun King

Promotional editorial for Abigail Stewart's Spring/Summer 2014 collection

Styling - Abigail Stewart and Camille Davis
Hair and makeup - Caroline Baribeau
Model - Ella Pearson
Assistant - Jessica Olm

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Sleeping In Brooklyn

A story shot for Vogue Italia's New Talents about important places in my neighborhood that I pass by every day.

Styling: Jaclyn Bethany
Makeup: Caroline Baribeau
Hair: Cassie Harwood
Styling Assistant: Ariona Adams
Hair Assistant: Mike Fernandez
Model: Dani @ One Management

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photographs + watercolors I painted when I was fourteen years old.

Styled by Jaclyn Bethany
Hair and makeup by Caroline Baribeau
Model is Kat O'Brien at Wilhelmina

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An editorial for Vaga Magazine

Styling by Jaclyn Bethany
Hair and Makeup by Caroline Baribeau 
Models are Barbara and Marcus at VNY, Pedro at Re:Quest, Martin and Henrietta at NEXT, Emil at DNA, Dana at Trump, Renata at Muse, Alisa at ELITE Direct
Assisted by Alexandra Esposito and Keyana Tahmaseb

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Void if Torn

Promotional "Pretty" Collection photographs for Abigail Stewart FW2013

Styling by Abigail Stewart
Jewelry Styling/Design and Styling Assistance by Camille Davis
Hair and Makeup by Toby Klinger
Model is Ella Pearson

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Au Revoir Simone

The band Au Revoir Simone (Erika, Annie, and Heather) for Noctis Magazine

Styled by Jaclyn Bethany
Makeup by Caroline Baribeau and Brittany Romany
Hair by Marcos Diaz
Assisted by Alexis Kanter and Alexandrea Crawford

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Party's Over

Photo Story for Noctis Magazine

Styling by Jaclyn Bethany
Hair and Makeup by Lauren Fillip and Ellen Guhin
Assisted by Ariona Adams and Carissa Gan
Models are Lillya @ Muse, Gabriella @ One, Kayte @ Major, Shaughnessy @ Frame, Lara @ MC2, and Ava Ford
Painting by Lydia Velichkovski

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Park Slope

Shot some polariods for Betty Magazine

Styling by Jaclyn Bethany (all clothing from Audrey Grace Boutique)
Hair and makeup by Caroline Baribeau
Assisted by Jessica Olm
Model is  Shauna @Major

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Pictures from adventuring in LA, thank you Lauryn Holmquist for modeling and helping me with styling.

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